Daily Hindu Editorial Analysis

The editorial page of the Hindu newspaper is the most valuable section. The Hindu’s editorials and open editorial pages are the most detailed sections, so they should be covered extensively. In order to answer an opinion-based question, the aspirant must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of all government decisions, as well as where they are failing and where they can change.

The Hindu Newspaper’s editorials are often written by specialists in their respective fields. They are people who have been involved in those fields for a long time. This helps in gaining an expert and, in most cases, unbiased opinion on the issue.

The majority of the questions from GS paper 2 and GS paper 3 in UPSC Mains exam can be answered with this knowledge. Here is where you can prepare high-yielding notes for the IAS Exam.

IASbyheart’s detailed Hindu Editorial analysis is one of the three initiatives that aims to simplify your Daily Newspaper reading and help save you precious time during your preparation. Special focus is given to topics of prime importance that shall help in competitive exam preparation.

Watch our videos every day. In case you have missed reading editorials so far, let it be the last time.

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