Prelims PowerPlay 2022

IASbyheart is bringing back the much sought after PRELIMS HEIST series, in a new name PRELIMS POWERPLAY , your launchpad to crack Prelims.

When it comes to preparing for CSE Prelims, “Important prelims questions” is the most commonly searched term. Previous experience shows Prelims questions are made up of a mix of static and current affairs topics from the CSE Syllabus. UPSC examines static issues through the lens of current events and frames questions for the exam which requires a thorough understanding of the subject as well as current events relevant to it.

The most significant Current affairs and General studies topics will be the source of prelims questions for the upcoming UPSC CSE 2022 exam as well. The questions asked in the exam are indirect in nature (most of the times). Some of the questions may be about a specific event or individual but most of the questions are made convoluted with multiple statements. Previous year’s question papers are an ideal source for understanding the UPSC question pattern.

This initiative is an attempt to enhance the perspective of the aspirants towards the Preliminary Exam. These questions will ignite a hunt in the minds of aspirants, and we believe it will be very useful in aligning the candidate’s thought pattern with the question pattern posed in the UPSC CSE question papers.

We provide you with 20 questions everyday that we consider as most probable Prelims questions for UPSC CSE 2022 with focus on high priority Current Affairs in learn-through-MCQ format.

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