Hobbies for UPSC Personality test


“What are your hobbies” in a very casual question that can be expected in any interview. When it comes to UPSC interview , much more importance and specificity is given to Hobbies of the candidate.

In the Detailed Application Form(DAF), hobbies of the candidate is one of the mandatory columns to be filled. It also comes to the advantage of the candidate when he/she is truly passionate about the hobby and has spent his/her considerable time developing it.

The most common hobbies mentioned by candidates in DAF is

  1. Reading books
  2. Stamp collection
  3. Watching movies/series/documentaries
  4. Playing cricket/badminton/football
  5. Practicing Yoga/Meditation
  6. Gardening… etc etc

In this blog , we will give a framework of how to prepare for some of the most common hobbies and most commonly asked questions in interview that comes to mind when you mention the hobby.

Hobby To explore more
Reading booksClick Here
Stamp collection Click Here
GardeningClick Here
Practicing Yoga/MeditationClick Here
Watching movies/series/documentariesClick Here
Playing cricket/badminton/footballClick Here
Travelling as hobbyClick Here

Watch this video to give a headstart for Hobbies preparation


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