What kind of questions you can expect from (Hobby) Playing Badminton/Cricket/Football etc.


History behind the name of the sport

Basic rules of the game

What have you learnt playing the sport?

At what level have you played? (College/ State/ Zonal/ National)

Do you still play the sport?

Four famous Indian players related to the game

Who is your favourite/inspiration in the sport?

Field/ Ground dimensions

Is the game part of Olympics?

What is India’s performance in the sport in Olympics?

What is India’s medal tally in this sport in the recently concluded Olympics?

What can be done to improve India’s performance?

Which country dominate the sport and what is the reason?

What are the duties of the umpire?

Famous personality related to the sport from your district or state

What is the reason behind the popularity/ unpopularity of the sport?

What can be done to improve the sport?

What is the name of the International/ National regulating body of the sport?

Recent developments in the sport

Name of important tournaments/trophies related

Recent Khel Ratna, Arjuna, Dronacharya awardees from the sport

Should betting and gambling be allowed in India?

What are the qualities needed to be successful in this sport?

How can playing this sport help you as a civil servant?


What are the dimensions of bat, ball, stumps, pitch?

What is the rule of third umpire?

Why is the sport so famous in India?

Is BCCI a public authority?

What is the science behind swinging/spinning the ball?

What is the difference between White, Red and Pink ball?

Is IPL the reason for India’s poor performance in tests?

What are the technologies used in cricket?

How does bails flash when struck? What is the technology used in it?

What do you think about the 4- day test idea?

What is off spin, leg spin, doosra, reverse swing etc?

Know about silly point, switch hit, mid-wicket, gully, etc.

Who is the Chinaman bowler?

What do you mean by night watchman in cricket?

Do you think the evolution of technology in cricket made the role of umpires redundant?

What is your specialisation in playing cricket? (Batsman, bowler, allrounder)

Why do you think Indian team lacks consistency in top ranking?

Do you think allowing cricket in Asian games or Olympics will popularise the sport?

Is T20 a bane for ODI/Tests?

What is your opinion about sledging in cricket?

Know about recent controversies on match fixings ball tampering, doping, etc.


Why is badminton more popular than tennis in India?

The origin of badminton and its history

What are the important tournaments held in India?

What does India need to do to improve its ranking?

Know about India’s/Key player’s latest performance in recent tournament

Why are animal rights activists against the use of feather cock in the sport?

Know about terms like alley, back alley, backcourt, baseline, bird or birdie, carry, centre line, court, drive, etc.

What is the reason behind the dominance of Asian countries in badminton?


What is the position you play at?

What are the physical traits essential for a Football player?

Why does India fare so poorly in football?

What are the recent developments in Indian football?

Is Northeast becoming a hub for football in India?

How can Football be used as a tool to involve youth in disturbed and insurgent areas?

What is V A R technology used in football?

Know about some of the best football countries clubs and some prominent football players in the world.

Does ISL have the same quality as European football leagues? What do you think?


Who are India’s current National champions?

Should chess be an Olympic sport?

Know about professional bodies related to chess (PCA, FIDE etc.)

Know about various forms of playing chess (Classical, Blitz, Blindfold etc.)

Why do you think chess players find it difficult to get sponsors?

What role do you think the government and the private sector should play in popularizing chess?

Know about important terms like castling, Ruy Lopez opening, Queen’s Gambit, Sicilian defence etc.

Who are the important players in India? Who is the youngest grandmaster from India?

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