Gopal Sundara Raj

Gopala Sundara Raj, the second child of farmer Sunmugavel and Rajammal of Mavila Thoppu village near Keelakarai, has secured 5th rank among the IAS toppers in the year 2011. He proved that poverty doesn’t affect one’s dream if he desires for it. His parents have studied up to primary, so they wanted that their child gets his education in English medium in a sophisticated school but due to their weak financial conditions they were not able to complete their dream. However, education in Tamil medium didn’t affect success of Raj. He completed his graduation from Agricultural College, Coimbatore and pursued a post graduate course at Delhi University and started preparation for Indian Administrative Services examination while in Ramanathapuram. However, he failed to attend the Main examination due to his father’s ill health. His uncle was a headmaster of a middle school and motivated him to take up the IAS examinations after his father’s death. His sister completed graduation in MCA, says, “He is a calm and quiet person who likes to read books and newspapers. Our father should have been alive to see Sundara Raj’s achievement.” He wanted to become a doctor and serve the poor but financial condition did not allow it. Raj gives all credit to his family for his success. He states,“my family was my moral support and what I am right now is only because of my parents’ dedication.”

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