What is MANDALA THEORY and is it Relevant in Present Times… ??

“Never trust your Neighbor, Enemy’s Enemy is your Friend” The Mandala Theory The mandala system was given by Kautilya in his treatise Arthasastra The word “mandala” means circle in Sanskrit. It is... Read more »

Let’s Decode the Conflict of INDIA – NEPAL

In the recent news, Nepal’s Prime Minister statement accusing India of Cultural Encroachment by Stating ‘India Created Fake Ayodhya and Lord Rama was Nepali’ This happened on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti,... Read more »


POLITICAL SCIENCE OPTIONAL – COURSE What we will Provide – Detailed Schedule of the PSIR – Full Course Topic wise and related Sources for that specific Class Extensive Set of Teaching Hours... Read more »

English Literature Optional for UPSC | Pros and Cons | IASBYHEART

Interested In English Literature classes: Register here. Understanding English Literature Optionals : https://youtu.be/QxZf_gY4i6s Out of the 50 optional subjects, 23 are literature of languages. English literature is one of them, and is a... Read more »

Tamil Literature Online Test Series – Click to Join

  Enrollment form : Click here The test series will comprise of Mini Tests – 10. . This is to familiarize yourself with small portions. This will help you spend more time on... Read more »

Tamil literature UPSC Optional Syllabus ,Books and toppers strategy – Balachander, Lakshmana Perumal and Madhubalan

. Download the Class flow here  Feedback about the classes :  To enroll: Click Here Download Sample notes : Click Here TAMIL OPTIONAL SYLLABUS To Download the syllabus – click here TAMIL... Read more »