DECODING : Comment, Examine, Critically,Analyse, Discuss

Comment :

  • To comment choose your position on the subject/issue and stick to it.
  • Provide arguments and examples/facts to support your choice.

Answer structure :

  1. Start with an introduction
  2. Follow with a body containing your opinions and the relevant examples/facts.
  3. Finish with a short and precise conclusion.

Critically comment :

  • To critically comment, mention both sides of the arguments including both the positive and negative points.
  • Your opinion on the answer should be based on facts.

Answer structure : 

  1. Begin the answer by writing the positive arguments first, followed by the negative arguments.
  2. Based on your opinion conclude by supporting either the positive or the negative argument.

Examine :

  • To examine, probe deeper into the given subject or issue.
  • Support your answer by going into details like the causes, implications and what is being done about it.

Answer structure :

  1. Begin with a brief discussion of the various aspects of the issues at hand.
  2. Follow it up with the details and conclude in the same paragraph.

Critically Examine :

  • A critical examination requires going into the details of the issue while also mentioning the strengths and weaknesses.
  • The answer must also carry whatever consequences/implications the issue may have. This includes the consequences for any action taken over the issue.

Answer structure :

  1. To answer, first write the strengths or the positive aspects, then write the negative aspects.
  2. Third paragraph should carry the consequences.
  3. Conclude briefly without taking sides.

Discuss :

  • Discussion requires a broadly covered and all encompassing answer.
  • Also have to mention both the positive and negative aspects.
  • The causes and consequences also must be mentioned .

Answer structure :

  1. Begin with an introduction
  2. Then write the positive/ negative part 
  3. Follow it up by framing the causes and consequences
  4.  In next Paragraph provide the solutions/remedies or suggestions for the issue.
  5. Conclude by covering the issue holistically.


  • To evaluate, assess both sides of the statement
  • Follow it up by mentioning the worth or usefulness of the subject
  • Also mention both the positive/negative arguments.

Answer structure :

  1. Begin with an introduction to the topic , then write in paragraphs the positive and negative arguments respectively.

Critically Evaluate:

  • Almost the same as to evaluate with the exception of requiring to establish the “value” of something.

Answer structure :

  1. Begin with an introduction to the topic , then write in paragraphs the positive and negative arguments respectively.

Analyse : 

  • To analyse, break the main idea into constituent ideas
  • Then simply examine each part separately.

Answer structure :

  1. Write a short introduction
  2. Then explain the broken ideas one by one.
  3. Write a conclusion addressing the main ideas.





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