1.) The Gupta Saka was founded by

A. Chandra Gupta, the First
B. Samudra Gupta
C. Kumara Gupta
D. Chandra Gupta, the Second

Ans: A

Detail: Chandra Gupta was a major king in the Gupta Empire around 320 C.E. and is generally
considered as the founder of the Gupta dynasty. As the ruler of the Gupta Empire, he is known
for forging alliances with many powerful families in the Ganges region. The well known Gupta era
which commenced on February 26, 320 AD is generally attributed to Chandragupta I. Hence it
is surmised that the Gupta era began on the occasion of the coronation of Chandragupta I.

2.) Which of the following was the main part of Aurobindo’s programme to achieve independence?

A. Constitutional agitation
B. Organisation of secret societies
C. Passive resistance
D. Terrorism

Ans: C

3.) Emperor Harsha’s southward march was stopped on the Narmada river by

A. Pulakesin-Il
B. Pulakesin-I
C. Vikramaditya-I
D. Vikramaditya-II

Ans: A

4.) By the Act of 1773, Parliament granted a loan of __ to the East India Company.

A. Rs 480,000
B. Rs 400,000
C. Rs 500,000
D. Rs 300,000

Ans: B

5.) August Offer 1940 was made by the Viceroy

A. Lytton
B. Willingdon
C. Linlithgow
D. Minto

Ans: C

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