1.) The concept of Eight-Cold Path forms the theme of

A. Dharmachakrapravartana Sutta
B. Mahaparinibban Sutta
C. Dipavamsa
D. Divyavadana

Ans: A

2.) Name the religious personality who exercised a great influence over Shivaji

A. Guru Nanak Dev
B. Mirabai
C. Tukaram
D. Guru Ram Das

Ans: D

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3.) The Government of India Act of 1935 consists of __ sections and 10 schedules.

A. 321
B. 330
C. 331
D. 300

Ans: A

4.) The Buddhist monk who spread Buddhism in Tibet was

A. Nagarjuna
B. Padmasambhava
C. Asanga
D. Ananda

Ans: B

Detail: The most important event in the history
of Tibetan Buddhism was the arrival of sage
Padmasambhava in the 8th century.
Padmasambhava translated numerous Buddhist
texts into Tibetan language and combined
tantric Buddhism with the local Bon religion to
create what is today widely known as the
Tibetan Buddhism.

5.) Of the following European nations, only the__ did not attempt to establish trading centres in India.

A. French
B. Italians
C. Dutch
D. Britishers

Ans: B

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