1.) The Indus people were worshippers of

A. Indra
B. Mothers Goddess
C. Varuna
D. Rudra

Ans: B

2.) The members of the Board of Control must be paid from

A. Indian Revenues
B. The Consolidated Fund of England
C. Funds Voted by Parliament
D. The revenues of Princely States

Ans: A

3.) Among the numerous followers of Gandhi’s ‘philosophy’ was, were

A. Bertrand Russell
B. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan
C. All of the above
D. Marshal Tito

Ans: B

4.) The Indica was written by

A. Megasthanes
B. Kautilya
C. Patanjali
D. Panini

Ans: A

5.) Vivian Derozio had been associated with the __ movement.

A. Young India
B. Young Bengal
C. Swadeshi
D. Back to the Vedas

Ans: B

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