1.) The President of the Congress Sessions of 1898 and 1902 was

A. Dadabhai Naoroji
B. Tilak
C. S N Banerjee
D. Hume

Ans: C

2.) The Gupta era was started by whom?

A. Ghatotkacha
B. Samudragupta
C. Chandragupta – 1
D. Srigupta

Ans: D

Detail: The Gupta Empire was an ancient Indian
empire which existed from approximately 320 to
550 CE and covered much of the Indian
Subcontinent. It was founded by Maharaja Sri
Gupta. The first evidence of Sri Gupta comes
from the writings of I-tsing around 690 CE who
describes that the Poona copper inscription of
Prabhavati Gupta, a daughter of Chandra Gupta,
describes Maharaja Sri-Gupta as the founder of
the Gupta dynasty.””

3.) The Gandhara art flourished under :

A. the Kushanas
B. the Guptas
C. the Satavahanas
D. the Mauryas

Ans: A

Detail: Gandhara style flourished and achieved
its peak during the Kushan period, from the 1st
to the 5th centuries. It declined and suffered
destruction after invasion of the White Huns in
the 5th century.

4.) The architectural raw material generally used in Akbar’s period was

A. Limestone
B. Marble
C. Brick
D. Redstone

Ans: D

5.) Under the Mughals the Commander-in-Chief of the Army was

A. Zamindar
B. The crown prince
C. Mansabdar
D. Emperor

Ans: D

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