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The test series will comprise of

  1. Mini Tests – 10. . This is to familiarize yourself with small portions. This will help you spend more time on even smaller parts of syllabus.
  2. Full portion Tests – 4 . Writing the test for whole 3 hours at a stretch can help you realize where you stand. There will be 2 full tests of Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  3. Answer writing – Sometimes you may not want to write tests for lack of time. But want to make sure you are on the right path. You can choose questions of your own and send us your answers. We will evaluate it and let you know how to improve. There are no limits on answer writing. It will be valid till Feb 2020.

We understand that UPSC aspirants have too much things to attend to. So you can plan the tests as you wish. You are free to attempt the tests when ever you wish to till Feb 2020. 

Download the test series schedule here : SCHEDULE

The fees for the course is Rs.4500. 


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