1. The Battle of Buxar (1764) is a game changer in the history of Modern India. Which of the following statements are true in the aftermath of the battle?

  1. Treaty of Allahabad was signed with emperor Shah Alam II
  2. Emperor issued a Farman granting the company Diwani of Bengal
  3. He gave the title Raja to Ram mohan rai


a) 1, 2 & 3

b) 2 & 3 only

c) 1 & 2 only

d) 2 only


2. The treaty of Amritsar was concluded between British East India company and the state of Punjab. Who was the Governor to have concluded it with Ranjith Singh?

a) Wellesley

b) John shore

c) Metcalfe

d) Dalhousie


  1. Which among the given statements is not a reason behind Battle of Plassey?

a) East India company’s misuse of the trade privileges

b) Fortification of Calcutta without permission

c) Asylum to a political fugitive by East India company

d) None of the above


4.A mini commission of 1776 was set up by Warren Hastings to


a) Assess Indian educational systems

b) Assess land resources

c) Draw framework for security of the northwest

d) None of the above


5. About the Portuguese rule in India, which among the following statements are correct?

  1. Francisco De Almeida, the first Governor General of Portuguese in India, abolished sati
  2. He aimed at making Portuguese, the master of Indian Ocean


a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2


  1. About the ship building industry in India prior to British conquest, which among the following are true?

I) Maharashtra, Andhra and Bengal were leaders in Ship building.

II) European companies bought Indian made ships for their use

III) shipping did not flourish along the Malabar coast.


a) I only

b) I,II only


d) II only


  1. Consider the following statements and choose which of them are correct?
  1. French were the last European power to be defeated in India
  2. Burma was the last territory to be annexed by British.
  3. British never interfered in internal politics in India before Carnatic wars.
  4. French and Portuguese other than Britain has empire building ambition in India


a) I,IV only

b) II,III only

c) I,II,IV only

d) II,III,IV only


  1. The Dutch established their presence in India via the East India company of the Netherlands. With reference to them, which among the statements are incorrect?

I) They had no establishments in the coromandel coast

II) They traded Indigo, saltpetre, opium, rice and textiles from India


a) I only

b) II only

c) Both I and II

Neither I nor II


9. Battle of bidarra was between?

a) French and British

b) British and Danish

c) Dutch and British

d) French and Dutch


  1. Match the following Anglo – French struggles and their respective treaties.

I).   Battle of Ambur                        A. Second Carnatic was

II)   Treaty Of peace of Paris           B. First Carnatic war

III) treaty of Aix La chapelle.          C. Third Carnatic war





d) I-C, II-A,III-B


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