1. The Santhals revolt of 1855-1856, was a watershed in the history of Indian independence. Considering the importance, find the correct option about the causes an consequences.

I) Santhals parghanas were created before the revolt

II) colonial state wanted to create a new territory, and imposing special laws, the santhals could be conciliated.

a) I only

b) II only

c)Both I and II

d) Neither I nor II


  1. Arrange in chronological sequence the events listed below from independence movement.

1.Gandhi Irwin pact

2. Purna Swaraj as congress goal announced at Lahore 

3.Civil disobedience movement


a) 1-2-3

b) 3-2-1

c) 2-1-3

d) 2-3-1


  1. Which of the following are correct about the architectural developments of Khalji dynasty?

I) Allauddin built his capital Siri, a few kilometres away from Qutab minar.

II) Allauddin added an entrance door to Qutab called as the Bulland darwaza


a) I only

b) II only

c) Both

d) None


  1. Which of the following is not a condition required for the formation of a tropical cyclone?

a) Continuous supply of warm and moist air

b) Strong Coriolis force

c) Presence of strong vertical wind wedge

d) Unstable local tropospheric condition 


  1. Find the soil mentioned with the description given. These are depositions soils. These vary from sandy to clay type. Colour varies from light to ash grey.

a) Black soil

b) Laterite soil

c) Montane soil

d) Alluvial soil


6. The state of industrialisation in Bristish India,is explained with some following options. Choose the incorrect one.

a) Policies systematically deindustrialised India

b) Capital goods industries were well established

c) Both I and II

 d) Neither I nor II


  1. Which of the following is appropriately explaining the term liberalisation in an economic context?

I) Removing restrictions on private sector

II) Reduction in the role of government in the economy

III) Remove restrictions on India’s trade with other countries


a) I only

b) I and II only

c) I and III only

d) I, II and III


  1. The concept of poverty line is used to identify vulnerable people and direct subsidies. Regarding it, which of the following facts are correct?

I) Dadabhai Naoroji was the to discuss the concept of poverty line in pre-independent India

II) He used jail cost of living, by using the menu for a prisoner to arrive at poverty line.

a) I only

b) II only

c) I and II only

d) Neither I or II


  1. About Indian judiciary, which of the following is correct?

I) The judges have fixed tenure

II) Judiciary is financially independent of executive and legislature


a) I only

b) II only

c) Both I and II

d) None of the above


  1. According to the article 368 of the constitution, in which of the following ways can the Indian constitution be amended?

I) Like ordinary law

II) With special majority in both the houses of the parliament

III) With special majority in both the houses and ratification by legislatures of half of the states.


a) I and II only

b) II and III only

c) I and III only

d) All the above


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